Agile Framework for Managing Data Science Product and Projects
What is Lean Data Science
LeanDS is an agile framework for managing Data Science products and projects
    • Business oriented
    • Hypothesis driven
    • Iterative and Collaborative
    • Reproducible and Rigorous
    LeanDS allows to increase probability of success due to process transparency, reduce time to market and engineering excellence
    Lean Data Science eBook
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    How to Learn LeanDS
    Lean Data Science eBook
    Free e-book on Lean Data Science on ML/DS/AI project and product management. The book is a short explanation of LeanDS practices with numerous cases and examples.
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    Lean DS Miro Board
    Lean Data Science Guide is presented on a single miro board. It contains brief description of Lean Data Science practices, cases and examples. Feel free to copy miro board or use it as a reference!
    Lean Data Science Maturity Assessment
    Do you want to know how cool your DS-team is and compare it with other teams? Take the questionnaire and receive a report assessing the maturity of the team and comparing it with other teams in the industry.
    Maturity Model Assessment
    Upcoming Events
    [Online Meetup]
    Data Science Management at Amazon - Fedor Zhdanov
    27 May 2021
    Interview with Fedor Zhdanov, Product Manager in Yandex, ex head of R&D@Amazon
    [Online Conference]
    Machine Learning REPA Week 2021
    05 - 11 April 2021
    Conference on Machine Learning Engineering, MLOps and Management topics
    [Online Training]
    Lean Data Science Training
    10 - 12 March 2021
    Certified Lean Data Science Training Online
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    About us
    Our goal
      We create an open approach that helps teams to build effective and constantly improving processes for delivering high quality DS products.
      What we do
        The community collects information about modern approaches to DS project and product management, summarizes them, turning to the methodology and promotes to the industry.
        Who we are
        A bunch of people are working on LeanDS:
        • Askhat Urazbaev, Agile Coach
        • Alexey Mogilnikov, Data Scientist
        • Yuliya Rubtsova, PhD, Data Scientist
        And many other contributers
        Contact us